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Possible Immigration Changes

Immigration is growing in importance for the New Zealand economy, that is not new but it is front of mind more now than ever, we need to be able to fuel the country and continue growth. There needs to be accountability. We need a fair and equitable approach to who and how we let people into NZ.


Below please find some key points on how the immigration process may change.


Post-election, New Zealand's new Coalition Government, comprising the National, Act, and New Zealand First parties, has formed a historic coalition under the MMP system. The article outlines proposed immigration changes under agreements between the National party and Act, as well as the National party and New Zealand First.


National and Act Agreement:

  • Increase the cap on workers under the Recognised Seasonal Employer scheme for flexibility.
  • Introduce a renewable five-year parent category visa, contingent on healthcare coverage, possibly through a public healthcare levy.
  • Remove median wage requirements for Skilled Migrant Category visas.
  • Facilitate family members' work in New Zealand, starting with Skilled Migrant Category visas.


National and New Zealand First Agreement:

  • Enhance the Accredited Employer Work Visa to align with workforce needs.
  • Ensure Immigration New Zealand engages in proper risk management and verification.
  • Commit to enforcing consequences for abuse of migrant workers.
  • Address concerns raised by the OECD regarding the lack of focus in New Zealand's Immigration Policy.


Here are some core immigration plans of the new government parties.


National Party's Key Policies:

  • Introduction of a Parent Visa Boost for parents and grandparents of migrants.
  • Measures to boost international education, enhance the tourism sector, and restore 90-day employment trial periods.
  • Introduction of new visa categories like International Graduates Visa, Global Growth Tech Visa, and Digital Nomad Visa.


ACT Party's Key Policies:

  • Introduction of a Unite Visa for parents visiting their children or grandchildren in New Zealand.
  • Subjecting major immigration policy decisions to Regulatory Impact Analysis (RIA).
  • Removal of the cap on the Parent Residence category scheme and other modifications.


NZ First Party's Key Policies:

  • Fast-tracking the sourcing of doctors.
  • Establishment of a New Zealand Border Protection Force.
  • Introduction of a Rural Visa scheme for smaller communities.


The critical question remains: will these proposed immigration reforms genuinely improve the existing system? The success of these changes depends on their implementation, with details to be awaited.



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