Blog // GPT | Bard | Jasper - to many to choose from!

GPT | Bard | Jasper - to many to choose from!

Starting a blog is always hard, so I thought I would start with something that would make life easier, download ChatGPT, not too bad, maybe try Bard OR Jasper, this got me thinking!


What else is out there for me to use. Scratch that, why dont I make this something that the Digital Garage community might find interesting, some light reading before Christmas, maybe there is something here that you have missed, maybe you know them all already, does that mean that this blog is pointless? Not really as I have been on a learning curve trying to figure all this out myself.


Back to the beginning - How do you start a blog, insert pithy opening that will grab people's attention.


Hey there, code warriors! (is that pithy?) Are you feeling overwhelmed by endless tasks, tangled code, and a never-ending to-do list? Fear not, for the future of development has arrived, powered by the magic of artificial intelligence! Yes, you read that right - AI is here to revolutionise your workflow and turn you into a developer superhero.


Let's dive into the toolbox of amazing AI tools that will supercharge your coding journey:


  • Again for transparency, I have not personally used ALL these tools but my research and my AI friends have confirmed that they are useful.


Conquering Code with AI Sidekicks:

  • GitHub Copilot: This AI marvel acts as your personal coding assistant, suggesting brilliant code completions and functions to help you conquer complex challenges and keep your projects moving forward.
  • Amazon CodeWhisperer: This AI mastermind generates code snippets and even complete functions, automating repetitive tasks and freeing you to focus on the bigger picture.
  • CodePal: An advanced AI coding assistant, offers correction, explanation, and documentation services. Its standout feature is autonomous code generation based on textual prompts, allowing users to request and understand code with specific functionalities.


Docs & Writing Made Easy:

  • Mintlify: Say goodbye to boring documentation! This AI wizard generates well-structured and context-aware descriptions for your code functions, saving you precious time and effort.
  • Pieces for Developers: Imagine a memory palace for your code! This AI companion stores, enriches, and reuses your snippets, making them readily available whenever inspiration strikes.


Collaboration that Rocks:

  • Stepsize AI: No more communication breakdowns or confusion! This AI coordinator acts as your project historian and taskmaster, keeping everyone in the loop and ensuring seamless collaboration.
  • I'm putting SLACK in here. I know it is not an AI tool but there are so many plugins that make it, what I believe, to be the best colab tool out there.


Crafting Words with AI Magic:

  • Notion AI: This AI wordsmith helps you overcome writer's block, offering suggestions for emails, blog posts, and even creative writing.
  • YOUwrite: Need help crafting compelling social media updates or impactful blog posts? This AI writer is your new best friend, bringing your ideas to life with clarity and flair.
  • Personally I enjoyed how easy Bard interacts with GoogleDocs, this is obvious but well done Google. Small steps.


Speech & Text to the Rescue:

  • AssemblyAI: This AI master of speech transcribes and understands your conversations with incredible accuracy, making it perfect for building voice-powered applications.
  • I have used OtterAI and the real world applications here are boundless. If you are in a meeting and you need to take 5 mins out to fix something/something has come up, use Otter and come back to the meeting, you have the conversation readily available to catch up or read later.


AI for Creators:

  • Microsoft Designer: Unleash your inner artist with the help of AI! This design tool generates stunning visuals and graphics based on your input, helping you create impactful presentations and marketing materials.
  • GhatGPT4 and Canva integration, as I do not yet have GPT4 I can only go by what I have seen online and in tutorials. I look forward to this from a business marketing perspective. I think GPT extensions in general will change so much as OpenAI seems to be becoming more ubiquitous. 


Open Source Power:

  • SuperAGI: This open-source system allows you to build and deploy intelligent agents with ease, giving you the power to experiment and create innovative solutions.
  • Replicate: Whether you're a seasoned machine learning expert or just starting out, Replicate provides access to open-source models and APIs, making it easier than ever to integrate AI into your projects.


Unveiling the Future of Development:

  • Hugging Face: This AI community is at the forefront of machine learning, offering a vast library of models and tools to help you create, train, and deploy cutting-edge AI solutions.
  • Pinecone: Building high-performance vector search applications is now easier than ever with Pinecones AI-powered platform.


These are just a few of the countless AI tools that are transforming the world of development. So, embrace the future, explore these incredible resources, and unleash your inner developer superhero! Remember, the power to build the future is in your hands, and AI is your ultimate weapon. Now go forth and code like you've never coded before!

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